Every home can be smart or even smarter. At any time.  


The smallest Z-Wave modules worldwide, the easiest to install. 
Our plug&play modules fit inside every type of junction box and are the easier to install.
Can be managed with buttons and switches, from a computer, tablet or smartphone, based on your needs. 


Can guarantee maximum precision in the detection of brightness, humidity, temperature and noise for the safety of your home and maximum comfort within the house. You can monitor from computer, tablet or smartphone or voice assistant, depending on the needs at a given moment.


It collects information from the in-wall devices and Z-Wave sensors, connects them and gives life to the home automation system. It can be included in other Z-Wave networks and include other controllers. Detects brightness, humidity, temperature, and noise. Manageable from computer, tablet, smartphone or voice assistant, depending on your needs.

OUR special proposals

Smart Plug

63,99 €  Incl. VAT


59,99 € Incl. VAT

Smart roller shutter

59,00 € Incl. VAT

Smart TE Dimmer

59,00 € Incl. VAT

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