Terms of service

Product warranty
This warranty is provided by WiDom srl (hereinafter "WiDom") based in Cagliari, Italy (VAT number: 03452490927).
WiDom warrants to the first purchaser (hereinafter "Customer") that the device sold subject to this agreement (hereinafter "Device") is free from defects in both components and workmanship under normal conditions of use for 12 months from the date of purchase. ("Warranty period").
The purchase invoice or sales receipt, which shows the purchase date, is deemed to be proof of the purchase date by the Customer.
If a device, sold by WiDom to the Customer, has manufacturing defects or in any case of an alleged lack of conformity, the Customer will send within thirty (30) days from the day in which it finds such defects an intervention request form using our site. web: (www.widom.it) informing WiDom of the Customer's full name, the nature of the defects and the date on which the Device was purchased.
Service Requests received after the expiry of the Warranty Period will not be considered valid.
Once WiDom receives the Request for intervention under the Warranty, it will inform the Customer by e-mail or by post if the Warranty is applicable and the address to which the Device must be sent in order to verify the defects (if any). The Customer must anticipate the shipping and transport costs as indicated by WiDom. The Device will be sent by the Customer to WiDom at his expense by express courier or by hand delivery, and with the original box, the accessories supplied (if any) and the documents proving the date of purchase. WiDom will therefore inform the Customer about the defects and their repair or replacement (where applicable). If WiDom does not reveal any defects on the device, the Device will be returned to the Customer.
If WiDom finds defects, and this Warranty is applicable, it will remove any defect at its sole discretion, free of charge, by repairing any defective component of the Device with new or remanufactured components or by replacing the Device. The Warranty Period of the replaced or repaired Device will not be extended.
WiDom will ship the repaired or replaced Device to the Customer with prepaid transport costs.
WiDom will not be liable for damage to property caused by incorrect use of the device. WiDom will not be liable for indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or for any other damage, including in particular loss of profits, savings, data, loss of benefits, claims from third parties and any damage to property or injuries. personal arising from or related to the use of the Device.
If the Device cannot be replaced with another of the same type (for example the Device is no longer in production or is no longer available in the Customer's country), it can be replaced with a different one that has similar technical specifications to the defective one. This replacement will be considered as a total fulfillment of WiDom's commitments.

Warranty Exclusions
Defects caused by normal wear and tear of the system or parts especially subject to wear, such as parts that require periodic replacement during the normal operation of the system (e.g. batteries);
Breakages, cracks, scratches, dents, discolored or scratched surfaces and parts, breakage of plastic parts or, in general, any other aesthetic damage;
Damage resulting from use of the system other than that envisaged, including by way of example failure to comply with the instructions contained in the user manual attached to the system;
Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, dirt, viruses, contact with liquids, flames, earthquakes, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration, neglect or other external causes;
Environmental damage and / or defects caused by smoke, dust, dirt, soot or other external influences;
Damage caused by modifications or alterations of functionality or features without the written permission of WiDom;
Damage resulting from inadequate transport or packaging in the event of the system being returned to WiDom or an authorized service center;
Damage caused by force majeure events such as lightning, floods, fires, incorrect voltage, insufficient ventilation;
Damage caused by software malfunctions, virus attacks or failures during the software update as recommended by WiDom;
Damage resulting from power surges and / or telecommunications networks, improper connection to the network inconsistent with the operating manual, or from the connection of other devices not recommended by WiDom;
Damage caused by operating or storing the device in extremely adverse conditions, such as high humidity, dust, too low (freezing) or too high ambient temperature;
Products whose serial number has been removed, damaged or made illegible;
Expiry of the Warranty Period.
If a defect is not covered by the Warranty, WiDom will inform the Customer of the additional costs for the repair or replacement.
This Guarantee may be subject to change. Please check the latest warranty procedure on: www.widom.it.

Warranty Claim
This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer's rights when the product supplied is inconsistent with the purchase contract.

Activation of the warranty extension
Devices purchased in the EU entitle end customers to a two-year warranty offered by the reseller (or trader) which is separate from the aforementioned commercial guarantee offered by the manufacturer to the distributor or reseller.
WiDom offers an additional one year warranty to end customers in addition to the EU warranty. This guarantee can only be obtained if the customer completes, using the contacts on the WiDom website, the following two steps:
1) Within fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase, send WiDom a copy of the purchase invoice and the product code;
2) Immediately after installing the device, send to WiDom the certificate of conformity issued by the professional who installed the device with the indication of the serial number.